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Anais do X Congresso Brasileiro de Paleontologia

At: Rio de Janeiro, Sociedade Brasileira de Paleontologia By: J.A. Moura

Analyse des Familles des Plantes

At: Tournay, Imprimérie de J. Casterman, aîné By: Dumort.

Anatomie végétale

At: Paris, Presses Universitaires de France By: É. Boureau

Anatomische Untersuchungen an Kieselhölzern aus dem Stubensandstein Württembergs

At: Öhringen, Verlag Hohenlohe'sche Buchhandlung F. Rau By: G.M. Zimm.

Animaux fossiles et géologie de l'Attique

At: Paris, F. Savy By: Gaudry

Anleitung zum Studium der wissenschaftlichen Botanik nach den neuesten Forschungen

At: Leipzig, F. Fleischer By: Willk.

Antarctic Geology

At: Amsterdam, North-Holland Publishing Company By: Adie

Antediluvian phytology, illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains of plants, peculiar to the coal formations of Great Britain

At: London, for the author by J. Cumberland & al. By: Artis

Antropogenovye semennye flory Belorussii i smezhnykh oblastej

At: Minsk, Nauka i tekhnika By: Wieliczk.

Arkheotsiaty Sibiri [Archaeocyatha of Siberia]

At: Moscow & Leningrad, Geolizdat By: Vologdin

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