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Creation of Personal Account

Since the IFPNI is a community-generated type of scientific database the creation of the personal account is necessary for self-contribution of data missing in IFPNI. All of the contributions are reviewed by the IFPNI Editors. Regardless of the status of the user, they can accept, reject or query (pending further research). If the contribution is rejected, the changes will be rolled back using the information in the contribution object to restore the database to its previous condition.

Apply for login from the Editors of the IFPNI; anonymous accounts prohibited. Once the account has been established, you may start adding content to IFPNI and also edit content that you created or to comment the available content. However, if the user does not wish to establish your own user account, or if having trouble using the IFPNI website, you can send missing information to Editors of the IFPNI asking its upload within 7 working days. Users could contribute to IFPNI a sole type of data, one of Scientific Names, Taxonomic Publications, Author Names, or Taxonomic Opinions, or a combination of any of them.

Registration of Scientific Names

Users are asked to follow the proposed sequence of steps for easy and comfortable working with data input.

Step 1. Before registering a new scientific name, not found in IFPNI, you need to register the publication in which the name was (or will be) established, or to use previously registered publication/book. If the Author of publication is still not entered into IFPNI system, please provide first available and accurate as much as possible known data on author names.

Step 2. Register new names established in this work in order of rank, from highest to lowest, i.e. suprageneric names before registering generic names, and any new generic or infrageneric names before species or infraspecies names.

Step 3. Once the scientific name registered, please specify its currently known nomenclatural status (valid name accepted in the system by default). If the name was not validly published, i.e. in contradiction to modern rules of botanical or zoological nomenclatures, please specify corresponding reasons or nomenclatural errors from the list of nomenclatural statuses.

Step 4. Users could publish their own additional comments on the nomenclatural matters associated with any scientific name registered in IFPNI. IFPNI welcome professional taxonomic opinions issued in accord with modern rules of botanical or zoological nomenclatures.

Registration of the Authors of Names

Users are asked to contribute data on Authors of Names. A special form is offered for data contribution. Users are requested to input accurate and reliable data stated with evidence, otherwise, ask Editors to clarify the missing or possible confused contents. The IFPNI Staff will process such requests within 7 working days.

Registration of Taxonomic Publications

Users are permitted to contribute separate data on Taxonomic Publications containing nomenclatural acts and scientific names. Users are requested to follow standards of Taxonomic Literature-2, namely standard abbreviations for use in taxonomic publications: abbreviations for the author's name, short titles, and abbreviations of the short titles for publications, precise dates (including Day and Month of exact publication). In the context of IFPNI, only references to publications that are published works (in the sense of the Botanical and Zoological Codes) are registered. Publishers willing to register nearly published scientific names should provide a PDF copy of the paper in press as well as the effective date of publication after its exact printing/publishing (Day and Month) to Editors; LSIDs provided by IFPNI Staff within 48 hours.

The Contribution of Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Opinions

Taxonomic and Nomenclatural opinions are the sole responsibility of contributing users of IFPNI and do not have any official status, and therefore do not reflect the opinions of IFPNI Editors. Users are requested to consult modern rules of botanical or zoological nomenclatures prior to publication their professional opinions on the nomenclatural and taxonomic matters.

Editing of IFPNI content

To edit content in IFPNI that was created by other users, you must become a recognized IFPNI Editor yourself. IFPNI welcome editorial input in a strong agreement to adhere to the established high professional standards. Please contact the IFPNI Editors by email at to learn more.

Provide content by email if you would like to provide content to IFPNI but do not wish to establish your own user account, or if you are having trouble using the IFPNI website, you can send content by email. Please contact the IFPNI Editors by email at and provide content for further uploading to IFPNI. Please allow 7 days for a reply.

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